Thursday, November 4, 2010



My 24 weeks picture


We went on a fabulous trip to Branson with Dad, Doris, Aunt Joan, Uncle Carl, and Lee. We stayed five days at a nice condo overlooking the lake and a beautiful hotel.
We saw great shows, including the Brett family, SIX, and the Duttons, these we're our favorites! I got to go up on stage even with the Brett boy Brayden, he sang to me and we danced on stage, it was fun, their family is so talented. We also played some great games of ROOK, of course, ate some great food, and enjoyed the nice area of Branson.
Dad and Doris stayed a few days with us, we had a wonderful time with them. We played more games, went to the Cowboy Western Museum, saw the places where Doris lived, when she was a missionary here, and ate some more great food with them. Thomas and I love that Doris appreciated good food, which means expensive food. Dad is appreciating it more too!!:) While they were here they also bought our little one's blessing dress, it's so beautiful, and it was so nice of them to do that. We always have a great time with Dad and Doris, and look forward to being with them at Rob and Katie's.

Thomas and I dressed for Halloween as the Queen Bee and my hard working Bumble Bee:) We made stripes on our shirts with black ducktape and Thomas made himself antennas and our stingers out of aluminum foil. They we're pretty cute, everybody at the ward party loved it. We also had Justin, who is in our ward with his wife, dress up with us, he was the Energizer Bunny and was very good at it. We had such a fun time, and enjoyed handing out candy to the kids.