Thursday, November 4, 2010



My 24 weeks picture


We went on a fabulous trip to Branson with Dad, Doris, Aunt Joan, Uncle Carl, and Lee. We stayed five days at a nice condo overlooking the lake and a beautiful hotel.
We saw great shows, including the Brett family, SIX, and the Duttons, these we're our favorites! I got to go up on stage even with the Brett boy Brayden, he sang to me and we danced on stage, it was fun, their family is so talented. We also played some great games of ROOK, of course, ate some great food, and enjoyed the nice area of Branson.
Dad and Doris stayed a few days with us, we had a wonderful time with them. We played more games, went to the Cowboy Western Museum, saw the places where Doris lived, when she was a missionary here, and ate some more great food with them. Thomas and I love that Doris appreciated good food, which means expensive food. Dad is appreciating it more too!!:) While they were here they also bought our little one's blessing dress, it's so beautiful, and it was so nice of them to do that. We always have a great time with Dad and Doris, and look forward to being with them at Rob and Katie's.

Thomas and I dressed for Halloween as the Queen Bee and my hard working Bumble Bee:) We made stripes on our shirts with black ducktape and Thomas made himself antennas and our stingers out of aluminum foil. They we're pretty cute, everybody at the ward party loved it. We also had Justin, who is in our ward with his wife, dress up with us, he was the Energizer Bunny and was very good at it. We had such a fun time, and enjoyed handing out candy to the kids.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OKAY, I'M FINALLY DOING IT!!!! After slight pressure and arm twisting I'M DOING A BLOG:)

I really am looking forward to write what is going on and keep a little journal of our lives, they're changing before our eyes.

So I'll just dive right in: Thomas and I were married August 29, 2009 in the Salt Lake Temple, the happiest day of our lives! So greatful to have married this wonderful man, he's my everything. It just keeps on getting better too.


We moved to Austin TX right after we we're married for our first adventure to sell roofs in storm damaged areas. We loved Austin, the people, our ward, the surroundings, and the job was a success. Thomas was called his first time to the YM's program and LOVED IT!! Thomas' life, conversion to the church, and mission was very inspiring to the young men. I'm pregnant and can't remember what my calling was. Oh, wait, yes I was the, wait for it..........10-11 yr old? Sunday school teacher. It was great fun, my highlight of teaching was giving them Salt licorice for an object lesson on the fall of Adam and Eve:)

While we we're in Austin, we went back to California a couple of times, once to see Dad and Doris get married and a second time for Christmas with them. Great trips.
In December, D&D took us to Nashville TN, it was A BLASTTTTTTTT, so much fun, want to do it again!!!! Favorite part was the shows, the food, downtown Nashville, the Ryman Theatre, the company, country music hall of fame, and the feel of Nashville!

We moved back to Rexburg ID in April to both do a semester of school, glad we got that first semester after being married, out of the way. A lot of stress and one car, that's all I will say. BUT, there was some great things as well, like WE FOUND OUT WE WERE PREGNANT IN REXBURG, and were kinda shocked:) We went to a great family reunion in ...... pregnant moment, Mammoth? The family and accomadations and memories were great, we told everyone that we were pregnant by a little game called name that movie. Dad said the line in the movie for the last one, and it was in a Father's Day card. The line said "George wake up, your going to be a Grand Papala." It of course was from Father of the Bride 2. Aunt Lou guessed it right away, and it took Dad a few seconds to figure what was going on, then Tara gasped, and soon he got it, and was very excited. It was AWESOME!!! Love the fam! It wasn't complete though with out Katie, Rob, Ryan and Kath, we missed you guys:)

Another highlight was babysitting Ryan when Rob and Katie both had to work. Ryan just wanted to party the first night, so Thomas did an all nighter with him. He's such a cute kid, so smart, sweet, and just CUTE...

In June Thomas decided to try out a new venture and take a bunch of BYUI guys to sell roofs in Oklahoma, it was a lot of preparation from start to actually getting out here. It's been a good experience so far, we've both learned a lot, and are glad we did it. Thomas works so hard trying to run the business and keep all the guys motivated, not to mention PHYSICALLY. More down the post on the presesnt....

After finals we packed up and Thomas headed here to Oklahoma and I went to California to be with Dad and Doris for a bit. I had a wonderful time with them, and learned a whole lot in the kitchen, Doris even made me a copy of all her recipes, they're PRICELESS. I love them.
One sweet memory I'll never forget was Dad taking me maternity shopping, he went in with me and looked at clothes and picked out some things he liked, then I would try them on and he would give me his opinion, and then he bought a couple of outfits. The women in the store said they had never seen that before. I have the greatest Dad, he is loving and kind, I love him SO MUCH and am SO GREATFUL for him.
I missed Thomas a WHOLE bunch while I was gone, so it was wonderful to see him here in Oklahoma. I was so ancy on the plane, I couldn't even sleep because I was so excited to see him! He took me to a restaurant by a big lake when I got home, it was so good to be with him.

Oklahoma has definitely been hot, but now it's starting to get some nicer weather. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our ward, they reached out to us the minute we got here. I've never felt so welcome. Thomas is serving as a Priest Advisor in the YM and I'm a Den leader for the Wolves.
We live in a nice apartment complex, on the third floor, and are close to Wal-Mart and a lot of things, including the country. It has been a great experience so far. Right now Thomas and his guys are roofing a house for a wonderful man and his wife in our ward, the Farnsworth's. He is 72 and was trying to do his roof all by himself. Thomas contacted him the minute he heard that he needed help, and he and his sales guys started working on it the next day, they have just a couple days left. And this is the trade they are doing for the labor, a BABY SHOWER FOR ME! Isn't that the sweetest thing a husband could do for you. I mentioned how I probably wouldn't get one here and he went to work on it. What a wonderful man, so loving and kind.

We found out this last Monday that we're having a girl, and are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!! I totally thought it was going to be a boy, but I guess I was wrong. We are thrilled and everything is going really well so far, I'm just starting to show. The only thing I can complain about is a few aches and pains in my hips and back, but I'm working on trying to get help for that.

Last thing and then I'll be caught up.
Dad, Doris, Uncle Carl, Aunt Joan, and Lee are all coming out to see us and go to Branson MI, this Monday, we're so excited to see everyone!!!! I'll post some pictures of the trip.
Well it feels good to be caught up. This will be a fun thing to do.
Here are some pictures of the last year.